• Accounting

    We provide fast and accurate accounting services. Our thorough and dedicated staff are always available to help guide you in the right direction. Knowing that you have a company you can trust with your personal or financial business is a relief for every client.
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  • Tax Preparation

    Tax preperation can be very time consuming and stressful for an individual or business. It is often a relief to know you can count on a reputable company to answer your questions and help you through the tax season. In addition, we will provide you with the maximum tax savings and planning that you deserve.
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  • Consulting

    S. T. Kim Company provides personalized one on one consulting for individuals and businesses. It can be a struggle to know where to begin when preparing your taxes or something as large as starting a new company. With over 30 years of consulting experience you can feel secure in knowing you are speaking with a Professional CPA.
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  • Auditing

    Auditing requires a great deal of preparation and planning. It can be a time consuming part of doing business and with our many years of experience in this field we are able to make it a more streamlined service for our valued clientele.
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About S. T. Kim Company.

S. T. Kim Company, LLC, founded in 1981, is a full-service accounting and advisory company. It is recognized for its long-term business commitment to clients. S. T. Kim Company has over 20 years experience with a professional staff located at offices in both Silver Spring and Baltimore, Maryland. Our clients operate in a diverse spectrum of industries and professions from individuals to privately held organizations to multinational corporations.

S. T. Kim Company, LLC, offers a full array of accounting, tax, financial, and management advisory services. This gives clients the one-stop shopping they need to act quickly and expertly on the issues that can impact them now and in the future. Our service encompasses every aspect of a business at any stage of development – from startup through growth and diversification to transition. The S. T. Kim Company professional recognizes and plans for the complex interplay between the needs and goals of the business and preserving and transferring wealth.

Clients tap into S. T. Kim Company for strategies and techniques to minimize taxes, maximize profits, grow their businesses, enhance their net-worth, and prepare for financially secure retirement. We obtain a deep and personal understanding of the management and financial issues facing a business by using a think tank approach. This enables us to advise clients as if we were an active and involved member of their management team. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help strategize solutions, take advantage of opportunities, and optimize benefits to help out clients move forward confidently and successfully into the future.

We service clients in the following industries and professions.

Advertising and communications
Architecture & engineering
Business and consumer services
Employee benefit plans
Financial and related
Manufacturing and distribution
Parking garages
Real estate
REITs and Institutional Investors